My name is Kayla Young and I am an aspiring actress and a health and fitness enthusiast. I have been studying how to do things the natural way for about ten years. My body has a few hormone deficiencies that have made staying fit and healthy more of an up hill battle which is why doing things as naturally and efficiently as possible has always been my focus. I love to collect at home workout programs to make sure I always keep my body on its toes and never get bored while being able to fit a workout into my busy schedule. Being in the film industry makes working hard at gaining a healthy physique part of my job. Finding the best nutrition plan has been an interesting challenge. Name a diet out there and i have probably done it which is why I have so much knowledge on what works, what doesn’t, tips on how to modify something to fit, and much much more. Recently going vegetarian has definitely been a different experience that is giving me a new perspective i didn’t have before. Loving what I do gives me a great passion that helps me to search for what works.

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