Floating and Sensory Depravation

Float Tank

Stress is one of of biggest problems. Its amazing how much of our health is impacted by stress levels. Sometimes in life you have to take a moment to just relax and take a breath. It would me amazing if every time we felt the stresses of life creeping in but most of us don’t have the time or the money. I love using meditation to recharge everyday but sometimes I need a little more. My friend told me about floating and sensory depravation and how it helps him. I was a bit skeptical that it would do much considering how simple it sounded but decided to give it a try once thinking it wouldn’t hurt to try something new.

Basically what floating is is a room about six feet by eight feet. Inside is a pool that is roughly one foot deep with epsom salt water that is about ninety five degrees. Before you get in you take a shower and get all clean. The place I go in Olympia has incredible showers with many spigots so you just end up wanting to stand there all day. After you are nice and clean and relaxed from the shower you go into the tank. Usually the light is on for a few minutes so you can see where you are and can lay down then they either turn it off for you or there is an underwater button you can press when you get settled. The salt in the water causes you float higher up so you can lay and relax without holding yourself up in the water like you would normally do in pool. Once in don’t touch your face because it will get salt water in your eyes. The air and water are warm enough that you can’t feel the difference between your skin in the water and out of the water. This allows you to feel comfortable and because it is so dark and you are floating up higher all of the normal pressure points you feel when laying on a bed or chair are not there. When you combine this with the silence and complete darkness you experience the sensory deprivation. Depending on the session you purchase you are in the tank between sixty to one hundred twenty minutes. Then when you get out you take a shower again to get rid of the salt all over your skin. I like to wear eye plugs because I don’t like the salt water to get in my ears. Put them in when your ears are dry and get them in and settled so they don’t come out while you are floating.

The first time I did this I couldn’t turn my mind off but do you slowly relax and start to feel the stresses go away. Because you float so high on the water you can fall asleep or close to it. They usually have a little floaty you can use under your head if it makes you feel more comfortable that way. Then you just lay back and relax.

header_aeon_magazine_150717_1           When you get out you definitely feel calm and serene. I have gone many times now and it feels like mini vacation for my body. We have so much stimulation these days that its good for us to check out for a little while. You can go as much or little as you want. I tend to like going once a month or so. I have been trying to go every couple weeks lately to help lower my cortisol levels. Stress raises your cortisol levels and can cause weight gain and other issues. Give it a try and see how you like it.

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