Let’s end the war between vegetarians and meat eaters.

I have minor food allergies to shell fish, chicken, beef, yogurt, milk, eggs and whey protein. So as you can see most of those are animal products. My doctor said that they were minor so I won’t swell up and die if I eat them but I do feel a bit sick or tired and run down because my body doesn’t like that type of protein. I love meat so I was not super excited to hear this so I looked up other health benefits of being vegetarian to try and convince myself to just go with it. It turns out most people would benefit from adding a lot more veggies and eating quite a bit less meat if not giving it up all together. Experiments on diabetics, type one and two, going raw vegan for just thirty days has an incredible affect on their illness and dependency on medication to help their body function. The China study put together with many other studies suggests that when meat is cooked it releases carcinogenic chemicals that may fuel cancer. After reading some of this I thought well maybe going veggie is a good choice.


There are of course people whose body likes animal protein better and wouldn’t fair well giving it up. My friends wife tried going without meat and it made her not feel well for example. These studies are also not completely definitive for everyone they just show a trend in many people. Giving up meat is a personal choice just like anything else and is not an attack on others choices.

Knowing the benefits for most people I decided to give it the old college try. This led to a discovery about people which I was not expecting. There is an interesting thing that happens when you decided to try giving up meat. No matter the reason you decide this you get people who still eat meat constantly telling you why they think its stupid, wrong, unhealthy, or why vegans and vegetarians are always trying to convert people. They quite simply become just and rude and annoying as they say vegetarians are. And don’t get me wrong I have met self righteous people in the veggie eating world but they exist just as much in the carnivore world.

The reason I want to write about this is a very simple fact that what I eat has nothing to do with you and vise versa. Yes I have my reasons for doing what I do but so do you. Both side are ridiculous in this quest to tell the other they a wrong and should convert to the other way of thinking. Don’t try to push your life decisions on others no matter your reasoning. I say this because clearly both points of view are valid and its not your place to tell others how to live. The need for people to give a damn what others eat has never been something I understand. I don’t like mushrooms but if you love them then how does me not eating them affect you in the slightest. Find what works best for you and do that. Everyones body chemistry is different and requires slightly different things to remain healthy so when someone criticizes others because they do something different it is just causing conflict and judgement with no positive outcome. Let people be meat eaters if they want or be vegetarians if they want. Both side thinks they are better and both sides hate when the other criticizes so logic says if you live and let live everyone will be happy.handshake-1

Fitness and Nutrition, to smoke or not to smoke, method of raising kids, religion, politics and may other subjects are personal things that help shape our everyday life. To criticize others or to nag at others because their life choices are different than yours is selfish and petty. It doesn’t make the world better in anyway and just causes conflict. So here is my advice. Take it or leave it. Let people do their own thing and you do your own thing because bitching at them for not being like you just makes you look like a pretentious ass and that’s probably not how you mean it. Eat meat. Don’t eat meat. Either way find what makes you happy and allow others to do the same in return in peace.


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