My favorite free fitness apps

My favorite free fitness apps

myfitnespalMy fitness pal is an awesome app. It helps you keep track of so much and its also a social media type thing where you can invite friends and cheer each other on. I love it because you can save meals and favorite food so its easy to keep track of things you eat often. There is also a progress area where you can track weight over time. I’ve had it for little over five years so I can see in a chart how I have fluctuated each year. you can use it to look at percentages of carbs, fat and protein in your day as well if you calorie counting isn’t your thing. You can also have it remind you to enter your meals so you don’t forget. I really like how you can easily keep so much in one place. The goals that you set are your own and you can even create challenges to keep you motivated and have fun with your friends.

imagesThe Yummly app is a new one for me but I am so in love with it. What the app does is it asks you your food you like, foods you don’t like or are allergic to, and then goes online an finds recipes for you. It is a blast to look through. I’m very new to being a full time vegetarian and this has giving me so many great ideas on new healthy meals to try. They had entrees, deserts, comfort food and smoothies. They had drink recipes as well. Its pretty easy to navigate and has pictures of everything to give you and idea of what the food is supposed to look like.

images 2Pinterest is one of my favorite apps altogether because you can look up so many different things and keep it all in one place. Everything is represented in “Pins” that are pictures connected to a website of blog. I use it for everything from recipes, to workout routines, workout gear, pictures of fitness models for inspiration, and so much more. You can separate your pins into boards and keep everything sorted for when you need it. You can just scroll through and find anything that you need. They have awesome hacks that other people have figured out and tips for everything. Plus its not just great for health and fitness. I have boards for cloths I like, places I want to visit someday, and even just funny memes and jokes. I spend a ton of time using my pinterest app.

images 1 I got my fitbit about a year and a half ago. Its great. I started out with the fitbit flex. Its thin and you can get many different bands to match your personality. They also have quite a few bands on amazon that are great. Its a good device. It keeps track of steps, floors, sleep and it syncs wirelessly with your computer when within twenty feet or so. I really liked it but you do have to look at the fitbit site to see your progress throughout the day if you are not within range to sync. I then got a fitbit charge. It doesn’t have as many band options but you can just look on the fitbit itself and see the time, heart rate, step count, floor count and distance without having to look at the site. Plus it syncs directly with the app so you don’t have to log on to the full site or b e close to your computer. I also love that you can add more things onto your app home page to customize it so you see when you are interested in keeping  a close eye on. Its also nice because you can sync the fitbit app with myfitnesspal app and it shows your activity and calorie burn there. You can set your own daily goals and when you meet them it has a big green smiley face on each thing your have accomplished. It always makes me smile when I see that. Like a digital high five I guess. The fitbit charge also allows the app to track sleep and active minutes.

imagesMap my walk is a new one that I got recently so that I could maximize my walking and running workouts. It lets you save routes and workouts. You can post them to social media easily. It shows you lifetime stats and goal tracking. I like it because it basically uses GPS to give you an accurate distance that you walked or ran. You can also make music playlists for your workouts and it also has a voice coaching that you can turn on if you want motivation. I want to train for a 5k and this is a great app that helps in that. A lot of times its easy to think you worked out more or longer than you did and this app gives you a better gage to help you in your progress.

So those are five of my favorite app that I use to keep my journey going. I like using apps mostly because all the information is there and organized. I know my progress in all the areas from nutrition to fitness plans. Apps just make it much more efficient. So let me know what you think. If you have any apps you like or think I should check out please leave a comment below. I’m always looking for more fun ways to stay on track.

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