The 7 day GM diet

The Gm Diet is a seven day plan where each day is a bit different. I’ve heard about this for a while but never did it for one reason or another. Now seems like a great time since I am trying to be a vegetarian. I’m really excited to see how this goes. They say you can lose between ten and seventeen pounds which would be great but I’m mostly hoping that the healthy foods only aspect will help with my muscle aches that I have due to my hormone deficiency. I’m going to write how I do each day to show you how I feel during and sort of bring you on my journey this week. So here is how I did.

14068428_1727981767462765_3718738520400078820_oDay One– Nothing but fruit today.  This day was fun. I really like fruit and you can have as much as you want. I’m not a big sweets person so by the end of the day I was definitely wishing I could have a  taste of something savory. I stayed on track pretty easily until the evening. When I started to feel like I wanted to cheat I would think about the olympic athletes and what they must feel when training. It was a great motivator. They are training far harder and having to work for years to be able to do what they do so if I just thought “what would Simone Biles eat in this situation?” it really helped keep me going. A lot of the articles online say that the first day is the hardest and if I got past it then I would be good. For the most part it was not too bad. Also since you have to drink as much water as you can throughout the day you tend to got to the bathroom much more. But with the first day over I can say so far so good.

14095772_1728311687429773_3694256687189277274_nDay Two– Nothing but vegetables day. I feel pretty good so far. I did feel a serge of energy this morning which was interesting. I did have a headache and felt a little nauseous when I woke up but that went away after I drank more juice. I read online that since I juiced my vegetables that its possible I was not getting enough water along with the juice so I also upped my water intake which seemed to help quite a bit. I have felt a little hungry but I just drank more veggie juice whenever I was hungry. If you chose to eat your vegetables whole don’t use dressing. It will hinder your results as it is not on the plan. They say you can eat a baked potato in the morning on this day with butter or oil but I forgot about this until the evening so I am just going to forgo and do that next time. I chose to weigh myself at the beginning and then I’ll wait until the very end to weigh again so that I’m more focused on how I feel and not losing pounds. This for more me was particularly important because I gather most of the weight I do lose in these seven days will be water which was also another reason to drink even more water than I normally do. I have noticed that my muscles seem to be a tad less sore. Not a huge improvement yet but it has only been two days so the progress will get better as the days pass I think.

14192503_1728868320707443_6513948643536683933_nDay Three– Nothing but fruit and vegetables day. The first three days you also can’t eat bananas which is okay because on the fourth day you eat four to six of them. Because vegetables and fruit digest fast especially if you juice them make sure that you have enough for all three days because if you don’t then you will get a bit dizzy when going too long between eating. I thought I had enough it turned out I didn’t so I had to go to the store and ended up going about five hours on just water which is not advisable. Its also quite warm where I am so I have been pounding the water. I have figured out that you need to eat more than you might think because of the low caloric value of fruits and vegetables. So make sure you eat often. Its also a good idea to make sure you have enough vegetables and fruit for the first three days and you will need more than you think.I have to say I really like it so far. 

14102631_1729240600670215_4244717796329114703_nDay four– Nothing but bananas and milk. This day you are supposed to drink between three to four glasses of milk and three to eight bananas. I love both and you get super full after eating them together so it was a good change. I have been having a banana and glass of milk every three to four hours or whenever I get hungry. I feel really good so far. I’m a little tired but my muscles are getting even better. They seem to hurt less in the morning as well as loosen up quicker than usual. The craving thing is always something you deal with on a strict diet so I am having hilarious dreams about breaded chicken strips. The dreams are so vivid so it takes a few minutes after I wake up to convince myself I didn’t cheat. I had one last night where I went on an intense heist with fancy tech and guards to distract and vaults to open. Then when I got into the vault it was a chicken bacon ranch pizza with chicken nuggets as an appetizer. I woke up laughing. This day is very important because it puts calcium and potassium back into your diet so have fun with it.

soupDay Five– Only veggie soup. For this you have a soup made of cabbage, celery, tomatoes, green peppers, white onions, and cilantro. You can add more vegetables if you would like. Then you just season to taste. The soup tastes quite good which I was nervous about because I don’t typically like cooked vegetables. If you are eating meat then on this day you can eat lean steak or hamburger. If you do eat meat then you should increase your water to flush out the extra uric acid. I am feeling great. Sleeping better and my mind feels clearer. I do have to say though that I wouldn’t weight yourself until you are done with the whole seven days. I did a today and I noticed that because of the type of food changing everyday and the fact that each day has a purpose it causes your weight to go up and down a lot. You can’t really tell how you’re doing until you are at the end. Today I am noticing the change in my mid section quite a bit. So you do feel and see a difference its just best to wait for the weigh in aspect so you don’t get discouraged by the number.

soup 1Day Six– Only veggie soup again but this time without tomatoes. For this soup I swapped out some of the vegetables for a different taste and then also left out tomatoes. I put in cabbage, sprouts, green beans, white onions, celery, cilantro, basil, vegetable stock and then seasoned to taste. I like pepper and garlic salt. Don’t go to intense on the salt so you don’t defeat the cleansing aspect. You can have as much soup as you want so whenever you get hungry heat up a bowl and you are ready to eat. If you eat meat then today you can eat unlimited lean high protein meat with your vegetables. By this time in the diet it has been six days and you are wishing a bit for other types of food. I couldn’t help but want some sort of bread the whole time. I did break once but hopefully the next round I’ll be able to go the distance. My muscles are doing much better and I feel my head is getting even clearer.

day sevenDay Seven-You can have veggies, fruit or fruit juice, and brown rice on this day. No meat for this today though. This is the last day and by now my body feels good. I have more energy and I am much more used to drinking a lot more water since you really should drink quite a bit while you are doing this diet. My sleep is definitely better. It feels good to eat fruit again after the last two days of just eating soup. I tried to add different types of vegetables and fruit when I could so I didn’t get bored and its healthier to get different nutrients in your daily diet.

So after going through and doing the GM diet my final assessment is that I like it. If you just want to clean up your diet a bit and learn to add more fruit and vegetables this will help you do that. If you want to lose weight then it works great for that as well but you still have to continue to eat healthy to maintain. You can workout during lightly for up to 45 minutes but I didn’t this time because I wanted to see how my body would react to the nutrition aspect of it. They say you can wait and eat a healthy normal diet for between 3 days and 2 weeks and then do it again. I’m going to do that and see how my body responds. I am going to add some exercise in and more walking in the next cycle. After each 7 day cycle I’ll write an update on this post to show how I do. This is the vegetarian way to do the GM diet but you can do it with meat as well if you aren’t wanting to go vegetarian like myself. On this round I lost twelve pounds which is great for seven days. I am going to take measurements the next cycle to have a more accurate account of how I do. That was my first round. I hope it helps you get a better picture of how the diet goes and how you may feel during if you feel you want to give it a go.

Places I got my information from to do the GM diet.

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