Why I am going vegetarian



I have had problems for a long time where sometimes I would get a big nauseous or really tired for a few hours here and there. Sometimes I would even get diarrhea. It was strange because it would only last an hour sometimes two or three but that didn’t make sense because it would last much longer if it were the flu or another type of illness. So I decided to go see the doctor and have a food allergy test done. A cousin of mine has a few food allergies and thought maybe I was experiencing the same thing. The crazy thing was that i didn’t have just one food allergy I had many. These weren’t full blown allergies though so that is why it only made me feel a bit ill. The doctor called them intolerance’s.s-l300

So what intolerance’s do I have? Well the first and most severe one is beef. I have never heard of someone who couldn’t eat beef. The rest were all things like yogurt, cows milk, chicken eggs, whey protein (which is made from dairy), poultry and shell fish. But luckily cheese I was okay with. So that was a huge blow to me and my daily eating habits. I don’t know about you but I grew up eating steak, chicken, eggs and fish on a regular basis and now I was being told that it didn’t really work with my body chemistry. Now because its just a mild allergy it won’t kill me to eat these things but your body does weaken when you eat them on a regular basis and can make your immune system work too hard. It has taken me about three and a half years to try to go vegetarian. Old habits are hard to break.

When I went to vipassana and had to eat vegetarian for ten days I discovered that there were a lot of recipes that taste great without meat. We ate burritos, chili, lasagna, and numerous other things that I thought I would have to forgo. So I decided I would give it a try. To be honest i am going to miss a lot of things but what I really have learned from reading up on others who have given up eating animal protein is that you have to focus on what you can have and the benefits you get from it.

I have heard for years that you can’t get enough protein on a vegetarian diet but the more research I did that more I realized that that’s just not true. You do have to make sure you have balanced meals just like with any other type of diet. But they have done a lot of research that says you don’t need animal protein you just need protein. The great thing is that you can get it through quinoa, rice, beans, hummus, spirulina mixed with grains or nuts, nuts on their own, and i also use Sunwarrior protein powder which is plant based protein. I still need to learn new ways of cooking and working these things into my daily meal plan but its definitely possible to get more than enough protein.

Im not a huge fan of some vegetables and some that I do like I don’t care for cooked. The best way for me to remedy this is by juicing. I started juicing about five years ago and I love, love, love it. There are so many veggies that i just don’t like but are great for you. So if I put a bunch in the juicer and also juice a red apple with them I can suck it down and my nutrients are good to go for the day. I like to drink it within an hour or so of juicing it because then I know its fresh and I’ve read that its better to do so. It tastes better cold so if I want to drink it right away I just put some ice cubes in and its perfect.

I do have a few vegetarian things that I don’t eat. Soy for example has estrogen mimicking compounds in it and I already have hormone problems so I’m not really keen on adding any sort of hormone or hormone like things to my diet. My doctor who treats me for my hormone problems is the one who first told me to steer clear. I don’t know if that is something that applies to people with normal hormone levels or not so you can choose what’s best for you and I’m sure you will be fine.

Last I thing that I will say is if you also would like to go vegetarian to be careful. Just because you aren’t eating meat that doesn’t mean you are healthy. You still should stay away from processed food, processed and bleached sugar, and too much saturated fats. You want to make sure you have a balanced diet just like any other approach. As I go along my journey I will keep you updated on how I’m doing and things I discover along the way. If you have any fun recipes or tips for me feel free to leave them in the comment section. As a newcomer to this I would love any help you have to give.

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